Production Unique Rebelle

Cyril Alonso and Florian Looze embody a very unique spirit.

I have known them for many many years and their philosophy, in my opinion, has always been to have fun and drink natural. You can call it the Glou-Glou concept. That said, they now have bought a proper château, Château Bel Avenir: 12 hectares of fun Beaujolais and Chardonnay in the south of Burgundy.

 Their spirit has always been oriented towards what is natural and very opposed to standardization. They try to be as close as their land as possible. No pesticides, no insecticides and no herbicide.

From Rhone to Beaujolais, with minimal or no SO2.

I like the semi-carbonic maceration: it makes this wine really light. You can drink hectoliters of it.

Personally, I really love the “Côte du Py”. A fun wine with pepper and morello cherries. P-U-R wines are the perfect ones for big fun dinners and all-day parties!

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