Grande Sendrée
Champagne Drappier

Grande Sendrée

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The Terroir, The Millésime, a rare Champagne in its loveliest manifestation. Golden in colour with amber nuances.

The Grande Sendrée reveals subtle aromas of dried fruits, some touches of toast, the whole unfolding into fruity notes of citrus fruits, fruits with white flesh, stoned fruits...

The palate accentuates the vinosity, the depth and the structure. Chardonnay (45%) displays elegance while the Pinot Noir (55%), with its slight predominance, brings power and great vinosity.

  • 12.0%
  • Medium Bodied
  • Yes
  • 75 cl
  • White
  • France
  • Champagne_France
  • Yes
  • 2010

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