Bisbino Gin is named after, Monte Bisbino, which is, from my understanding, the mount Fuji of Switzerland.

The woods and paths where Martino Mombelli, the alchemist, created its secret recipe, are also the places where he, Giona Meyer (Spiderman), Rupen Nacaroglu (Naca) and Damiano Merzari (Duggy) met to exchange ideas and develop a dream they all shared: to create the first Ticinese Gin.

They are all buddies of ours. We all share the same goal. Maximum glou glou. 

In sunny Sagno, the crew has always grown a large variety of herbs, spices and berries, which are largely grown organically. It's the Muggio Valley, if you go for a stroll there, you'll understand. The perfumes in the air are just sooo fresh. It's balanced, herbal, long. 

The name is household here in Ticino, and many here can certify that the hangover level, if drank in quantities, is human.

Debauchery: 10/10



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