This producer is as atypical as are his wines. Pascal Marchand is originally from Quebec. He lived in New Zealand, Chile and Australia before settling in Burgundy in 1983. His dream came true, and he soon turned into a well-known winemaker at Comte Armand de Vougeot.

Back then, in Burgundy, many producers were still using classical chemical treatments, and Pascal, was amongst the young generation of biodynamic winemakers.

Great recognition came early. His '96 Pommard Clos des Epeneaux was in the top Burgundy in the 100 best wines in the world according to Wine Spectator. The critic Michel Bettane considers this wine as the world reference of Pinot Noir.

With help of his Canadian fellow Moray Tawse, Marchand Tawse is now the proud producer of 14 different Grand Crus. Crazy stuff indeed.  

I absolutely love these wines!

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