Shun Minowa

Graduated in biology from the University of Tokyo, Shun Minowa joins the wine world by working as a caviste in the metropolis. 

Afterwards he moved to Spain, then Chile, where he discovers natural wines.
After a small experience back in Japan working for a small sake brewery he moves to Italy, when in 2016 he works for Elena Pantaleoni and Giulio Armani of La Stoppa.

Giulio Armani becomes his mentor and 3 years later, Travo, a small town in the beautiful Val Trebbia becomes home, where he looks after a small vineyard of Ortrugo, Malvasia di Cadia and Marsanne.

The first vintage was 2019, and his first cuvée is called Gate, obtained from a blend of white grapes and vinified as it was done in the past in the Trebbia Valley.

A small, wonderful and lovely producers. Wines that are rare to find.

Picture of Shun taken by Federica Calzi.



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