The Radikon family produces one of the most unusual wines we know. Friuli Venezia Giulia is usually known a a fairly traditional region, but the little town of Oslavia, next to the Slovenian Border, has produced some incredible winemakers.

Geographically, Oslavia sits in a very interesting land. The Alps block the cold winds, and the sea is just half a marathon away.

The Radikons are what we call purists. It is not sure they want the big public to like their wines. We like to think that they learned to love what their land gives them. To drink Radikon is a very unique experience. We love it as it is a complex way of travelling to another dimension. The producers themselves are the first to admit that either you love their wine, or you don’t. Indifference is not an option. That’s why the Radikons are followed by devoted fanatics just like us around the world.  That’s why it is not easy to get hold of their wines.

One of In Vino Sitis truest natural winemaker, Radikons haven't used chemical treatments since 1995, and no sulphites since 2002. 

What makes this producers stand apart, is their interpetation of time. Talking to Sasa, Stanko's son, we had the perception that time didn't exist. We were talking about it while we were sipping the amazing "Fuori dal tempo", a 2001 that somehow takes you just somewhere else. They are not commercial. They just think the wine is ready when it's ready. And believe us, there’s no rush.



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