In the south of Austria, in the Styria region, Christine and Franz Strohmeier have been working with great determination to produce absolutely natural wines without additives, chemicals, nor sulphites. 

Their belief in the biodiversity of the land is so strong that Franz went to the point of using whey instead of copper sulphate to spray the grapes. Sometimes, they don't even prune the vines. You can imagine how tasty the grapes are.

The acronym TLZ stands for “Trauben, Liebe, und Zeit” ( "grapes, love and time"), and it defines their line of natural wines without any additives, no sulfur, and no filtration. Rather, these are wines grow with craftsmanship, care and time.

For them to mature, TLZ wines are stored in large wooden barrels for 1- 2 years.

A TLZ wine can also consist of two different vintages. A number on the label indicates how often this type of wine has been made in that natural way.

I discovered these wines at Noma, in Copenhagen. I was shocked by how intense the colour and the flavours were. This is the real deal for lovers of absolute truths.



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