Yannick Meckert

From a Burgundian mother and Alsatian father, Yannick Meckert grew up between these 2 regions.

After studying viticulture-oenology in Beaune and Montpellier he tried to work on his parents' small family estate, but, being unable to spray Roundup and put in the wines the magic powders of oenology he very quickly left the family estate to go backpacking without money around the world for years.

Thus, he was able to train with mentors such as: Philippe Pacalet, Patrick Meyer (Domaine Julien Meyer), Ostertag, Claus Preisinger, Terada Honke (Japan), Charles Dufour, Jauma, Lecoste, Binner Christian, Pax Mahle..

No fertilizer inputs, total enherbement on the vines. Treatments based on lactic acid bacteria, clays, essential oils and plants, not sulfur or copper.



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