Milan Nestarec


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100% Neuburger. 1 year in big barrel.

These are usually grapes used for TRBLMKR, blended with other parts of the vineyard, but in 2019 this particular part kept being so different from the rest that eventually Milan decided to bottle it as a wine in its own right, because this material deserves it. It's so... subtle!

Understated elegance, no shouting, more introspection and focus. Or a long, quiet conversation with a person you really enjoy talking to because of their outside-the-box views and human depths.

No fining, filtering nor sulfur.

  • 11.5%
  • Light Bodied
  • No
  • 75 cl
  • White
  • Czech Republic
  • Moravia_Czech_Republic
  • No
  • 2019

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